10-Turn Tournament Scenario

TRC 10-Turn Tournament Scenario

Overview:  This scenario is the culmination of many years of testing and evolution in real tournaments, both face to face and play-by-email.  It used to be the mainstay for the WBC event until supplanted by the 5-turn scenario, the ten-turn event proved much better suited for a PBEM event.  Spanning the opening move of May/June 1941 until the end of November/December 1942, this scenario gives both sides opportunities to attack and counter-attack.  The German army is the strongest it will ever be but time, weather, and Russian mobilization are all working against the Wehrmacht.

Determining Sides:  Players bid for sides.  The bidding will be an open auction with the lower ranked player bidding first.  The initial bid consists of a ‘replacement’ bid and a preferred side (Axis or Russian).

A replacement bid represents extra replacement factors being given to the Russian over the course of the game.  The extra replacements will be evenly distributed to the number of turns available with earlier turns having priority.

Bidding is then alternated between players with the requirement that each bid for that side being higher than the prior bid, if bidding for Germans, or lower, if bidding for the Russians.  Negative bids are allowed; if the final bid is negative, remove replacements to satisfy the bid by starting with the first turn and moving backwards.  (Example: An 11 bid for the Germans will result in giving the Russians two extra replacements on the first turn and one extra replacement on all subsequent turns).

Victory Conditions:  The German player wins if his Victory Point total equals or exceeds FOUR at the end of the Russian November/December 1942 turn.  The German player wins IMMEDIATELY if he controls Moscow at any point in 1941.  Campaign Game and Sudden Death victory conditions are not used.

Major cities and oil wells are worth two points each and minor cities are worth one point each.  Each city east of the Fall Blau (Green) line controlled by the German player counts as positive points.  Each city west of the line controlled by the Russian player counts as negative points.  Uncontrolled cities do not subtract from the VP total of the player whose side of the line that city is on.

Example 1:  If Kiev is not controlled by either side at the end of the scenario, the Germans will not lose any VP.

Example 2:  At the end of the game, if the Germans control Sevastopol, Leningrad, and Rostov, but the Russians control Kursk, the total VP count equals five and the Germans would thus win.

Reinforcements:   If a player forgets to bring on reinforcements, they are assumed to have been assigned to the off-map units box.

Rules:  Use the fourth edition standard rules as modified by the tournament rules.  Before bidding for sides, players may agree to apply any addition optional rules.

Weather:  The weather chart from TRC, 4th Edition, is in effect.  Important:  Weather die roll modifiers are cumulative.  Example:  If CLEAR is rolled in Sep/Oct 41, then the modifier becomes +1.  If SNOW is rolled in Nov/Dec 41, the cumulative weather DRM is now -2.

Weather-Adjustments:  Option Schoose

The following rule is intended to mitigate extreme weather results and only applies to 1941.  The German may use TWO Stukas during light mud weather, and he may use no Stukas in Mud.  A total of THREE Stukas may be used in September/October and November/December 1941, combined.  The German may choose not to use an available Stuka in Sep/Oct 41.

Example: “Light Mud” is rolled in Sep/Oct 41. The Germans are entitled to use TWO Stukas.  They may, however, choose to gamble and only use ONE that turn in order to get TWO if the Nov/Dec 41 weather turns out to be light mud.

The following table provides an overview of Stuka availability when using Option Schoose:

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