Academy Workout

Updated the TRC site, adding the TRC Ladder rules, PBEM process, and Error Resolution process material.  I can’t say that updating my TRC blog actually cures a hang-over but it certainly didn’t make it worse and was a productive use of time.  (Only from a gaming perspective, of course.)

In other news:  My ladder opponent, Jaakko, is on vacation.  I’m missing him.  Well, at least his TRC turns.  =)  To recap the game situation:

May/June 1941:  The Germans conduct the Massive Odessa Overrun (MOO) that is quite the rage these days.  Flawless execution by Jaakko and he gets good dice.  I respond by having the Red Army build a wall in the south and a full delay in the north.

July/August 1941:  The Germans capitalize on another series of good dice to grind forward.  A particular focus on AVing cavalry is evident – the Russians are now down to ONE unit in the game!  I try to take advantage of a tactical misplay – a panzer stack is susceptible to a 1-1 surrounded attack with sufficient force brought up to conduct another 1-1 on second impulse if a Contact result occurs on first impulse.  Needless to say, the Russians are handily repelled.

September/October 1941:  Clear weather.  Leningrad, Sevastopol, and Kiev all fall while Stalino is put in an untenable due to a soak-off on the German second impulse. The Russian reinforcements pour on.

November/December 1941:  MUD weather.  Terrible result – not only does this ensure that two consecutive snow turns will NOT occur, my counterattacking opportunities are severely limited.  The line stabilizes in the South with Kharkov and Rostov being secured.  The Soviets press towards Smolensk.

January/February 1942:  The Germans retreat to the cities but leave a gap in the middle into which some Russian paratroops go.  This results in some German casualties.  Most importantly, the Wermacht is now at the point where any additional losses will not be replaced.

March/April 1942:  The weather is light mud.  I hope he takes losses attacking and the 1st Guards Tank Army is fully committed to unleashing hell on my part of the turn!

Stay tuned for further updates, I hope to post some screenshots periodically of any interesting situations that develop.  Note:  This is not intended to be a full AAR but comments are welcomed, nonetheless!


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