WBC Requiem

The week after the World Boardgaming Champtionships is the toughest week of the year.  Not only am coming back to the maelstrom that is work, my sleep tank is usually running on fumes and there is an endless parade of work chores flaunting themselves in front of me.  Part of the healing process is to recount the tales of woe and jubilation, here’s a first cut:

The Good:  Three woods – DBW (1), TRC (4), and POG (6).  Some good matches against some formidable opponents.  Final order of finishers:

  • Gary Dickson
  • Richard Beyma
  • Bert Schoose
  • Tom Gregorio
  • Greg Smith
  • Mike Mishler
A bunch of new names – let’s see if they can keep it up next year!

The Not-So-Good:  The Host was the worst it’s ever been.  The AC went on the fritz, the food was uniformly repulsive, and the facilities themselves were falling apart before my very eyes.  Once I get the pictures of our leaking ceiling room I’ll post them.

Some things to think about for next include:

  • Changing where we stay.  The convenience is nice but perhaps it’s time to decamp from the host.
  • Modifying the tournament scenario — the bids for the Germans are getting outrageous.
  • Less grognard, more new games.

Anyway, enough for now, I’m glad the roughest week is over.