BPA PBEM Tournament X Concludes: Ed O’Connor Comes Through!

After two years of tournament single elimination play, Ed O’Connor’s Russians defeated Pat “the TRC Sensei” Flory in the 10-turn scenario in a hard fought match.  Despite the attrition favoring the Germans, i.e., the Germans lost less than expected and the Russians more, Ed’s tight play combined with the Germans admittedly less than aggressive play at the tail end of the game help Ed land the victory.  While the Germans had a good chance of capturing Leningrad, and possibly Moscow, a German capture of Kursk would have been decidedly an uphill proposition.  The dice favored the Germans early but 1942 saw the luck swing the other way and, combined with lousy (pro-German) weather, gave the Red Army the path to victory.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the tenth edition of the 2014 BPA-Sponsored TRC PBEM Tournament; as the champ, Ed will soon get to enjoy the new experience of being the man with the target on his back!

Final Standings:

1st            Ed O’Connor
2nd           Pat Flory
3rd            John Malaska
4th            Doug James
5th            Bert Schoose
6th            John Ohlin

There were a total of 30 players who participated in 29 matches.  Stay tuned for the start of the next tournament!