Preliminary Thoughts: TRC World Cup

Some recent discussions have started to get me fired up again about TRC.  More specifically, Johnny O. has  proposed a “TRC World Cup” event that will feature the 5-turn scenario.  A few points are probably worth highlighting:

  • Using the 5-turn scenario will allow for quick games, provide good practice for the convention tournaments which all feature the 5-turn scenario, and provide an opportunity for PBEM play of a scenario that is otherwise often only played in the hectic environment that is face-to-face play.
  • Given the proposed “World Cup” format involving play of multiple games per round, this is necessarily going to be an event for experienced and dedicated players.  Initial entry is likely to be capped at 16, i.e., 4 groups of 4 players.
  • We’re targeting a move per week so, with an arbitrary targeting of getting the preliminary rounds done by August 1, we expect to start in mid-April.
  • This will be an OPEN event, i.e., no BPA membership required.  The default PBEM tool will be ATF but both players, if agreeable, can choose to use VASSAL.
  • John will be the GM, I will be the assistant.
  • A key challenge will be the seeding – our current thinking is AREA rating but I suspect we’ll also want some other criteria.  (Tourney records, for example, particularly for those who’ve already demonstrated expertise in the 5-turn scenario.

If folks have comments about the format, feel free to provide feedback – we’ll want to lock it all in by the time we start our ‘recruiting’ drive!