5 Turn Tournament Scenario

Barbarossa “The Breaking Storm”

Scenario Length:  May/June 1941 through January/February 1942 (Five Turns)

Rules:  Use the fourth edition standard rules.  Players may use any optional rules they both agree on, prior to bidding for sides.  Option Schoose is not in effect.  The average bid for the Germans at the 2014 World Boardgaming Championships was fifteen.

Rule modifications are as follows, italicized items being new for 2015:

  1. Any time STAVKA or Stalin is eliminated, one is added to the German VP count.
  2. Each German HQ eliminated reduces by one the German VP count.  The loss of Hitler also reduces by one the German VP count.
  3. If Clear is rolled in Sept/Oct 41, the weather is automatically Snow in Nov/Dec 41. If Lt Mud is rolled in Sept/Oct 41, the weather is automatically Lt Mud in Nov/Dec 41.
  4. The Russians only receive two paratroop brigades, the 8th Brigade is not brought into play.
  5. Each side is limited to one sea invasion.
  6. If the scenario ends with an enemy combat unit stacked in the same hex as HITLER or STALIN, then the leader is eliminated.

Victory Conditions:   The German player wins the match if his Victory Point total equals or exceeds MINUS ONE (-1) at the end of the Russian January/February 1942 turn using the “Green” scenario line. The German player wins IMMEDIATELY if he controls Moscow at any point in 1941. The Russian player wins by preventing a German victory. Campaign Game and Sudden Death victory conditions are not used.

2 thoughts on “5 Turn Tournament Scenario

  1. Somewhere is a table or such that describes victory point accumulation. Any ideas where that might be?

  2. The VPs are not accumulated, rather they are totalled based on the position at the end of the turn. Major cities are worth two points; minor cities, oil fields, and enemy HQ eliminations are worth one point.

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