Above the Fields

Installing “Above the Fields”

Windows Vista or Windows 7

  1. Download ATF.zip into the directory in which you want to install the program.
  2. Rename atf.bak to “Russian Campaign.exe”.  (I zipped a renamed version of the file because many e-mail providers will not allow zip files with executables to be e-mailed.)

Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, or XP

  1. trc_setup.zip  This is a zip file, unzip the contents into the directory in which you want to install ATF.
  2. Double click “setup.exe”.  This will install the ATF tool into “c:/program files/Above The Fields/The Russian Campaign”.
  3. trcupdate.zip.  This will install the latest patch and map files and will ensure compatibility with TRC4.  Unzip the contents of this file into “c:/program files/Above The Fields/The Russian Campaign”.

Apple MAC platform

  1. ATF is not a native MAC application.  It works fine when using a PC emulator program on the MAC, my platform for the last five years.  I use VM Fusion running Windows 7.

Getting Started

  1. Double Click the “Russian Campaign.exe” application.  It is strongly recommend that a desktop link be created.
  2. Select “File”, “Open Turn”, and then select any file with a .trc extension.


  1. The user downloads and uses this software at his own risk.  No support guarantee is provided nor is any liability being assumed by the developer or anyone who distributes this software.
  2. L2 Design Group does not sponsor or authorize this PBEM aide.
  3. Ownership of “The Russian Campaign, 4th Edition” is strongly encouraged.  ATF, by itself, is not conducive for learning the game nor are the game rules part of the PBEM aide.


  1. Hank Burkhalter developed ATF and authorized its distribution via TRC-Online!
  2. Charles Bentley, Charles Maclellan, and Dr. X all made invaluable contributions to the refinement of this software.

3 thoughts on “Above the Fields

  1. What about Windows 8? How does it work with that? Also if we want to play the
    3rd edition do we simply not download the update.zip?


  2. Hi George,
    I’m running ATF on an iMac using VMFusionWare running Windows 7; I have no idea if W8 runs ATF but I haven’t received any complaints. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

    Also – the ATF counters are the same between TRC3 and TRC4, and there are only two trivial map changes, so I recommend you download the update. TRC3 is 38+ years old at this point, the main differences with TRC4 are really the rules.


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