TRC4 Rules

TRC4 Rules Disclaimer:  The following rules were created by a TRC4 fan.  They include the rules of the published game but the artwork, layout, and formatting is all original while the text includes corrections applied by the developer.  (That would be yours truly.)   They are in PDF format, if you want the content in Word format, please contact me directly, I am the original author of the TRC4 edition of the game.  Note that the historical weather chart presented is that used in the original Avalon Hill version of the game.

Here is a PDF of the fan-created ruleset:  TRC Rules

Here is the TRC4 version of the weather chart:

TRC4 Weather Chart


3 thoughts on “TRC4 Rules

  1. For the 1945 sudden death victory condition purposes is Konigsberg in East Prussia considered a city in Germany that the Russians must take as stated in 4th edition rule 25.26?

  2. Yes, Stephen, Konigsberg satisfies the “City in Germany” requirement for automatic victory.

    I highly recommend as the place to get TRC questions answered. Lots of experienced players are there as well as a lot of Q&A and strategy discussions.

    — Tom Gregorio

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